This is the link to the final presentation for our "My style, My story" eBay campaign that I created along with 4 other group members. We created a campaign focused on fashion, popular culture and social media to encourage millennials to shop on eBay. We then pitched our campaign and presentation to the client.

The presentation and pitch was my favorite part of this campaign. Through this and other presentations, I learned that I wanted to go into the accounts and pitching side of PR. 

This is a guide that I created for future interns at UGA's Residential Center Study Abroad Programs Office. It was created from a template and has an outline of what future interns can expect.

It was an honor to be selected as the first PR intern working specifically for the Residential Centers; especially after having studied abroad on the UGA at Oxford residential center myself during summer 2016. 

This is a travel guide that I created as a final project for my Intro to Travel and Tourism course. I created a guide to Peru, a place I have yet to explore. I hope that one day myself and others will be able to actually follow this itinerary. 

The graphic and the guide were created by me for class purposes only.